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“Attract Customers like Magnets with 5 Steps to A

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We covered a lot today and I know it’s not easy to make changes. So, I decided to offer something pretty cool just for this group. It’s an opportunity to have a private one-on-one “Discovery Session” with me at no cost. It’s a $500 value!

For the First 50 people, I am offering this private one-on-one Discovery Session. As you can imagine offering 1:1 sessions takes a lot of time, so I have 50 openings for those of you who would like to book right away… The first 50 people who qualify will be contacted via email within 48 hours and given the opportunity to schedule your session.

Sessions are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis. So, it’s in your best interest to schedule right away.  If we don’t hear from you within 3 days, your session will be given to the next person on the waiting list. 

There no cost involved…it’s a $500 value, but there is one catch.. and that is that you need to qualify.  I’m going to tell you exactly how you qualify to secure one of the 50 spots… “Value of your Discovery Session: $500. Complete the questionnaire below to see if you qualify.

THIS IS YOUR INVITATION to click here and fill out the questionnaire … now if you are interested QUESTIONNAIRE

Just for Filling out the form right after viewing the webinar, you will receive a FREE 30 Second HD Video Commercial.
Valued at $799!

PS. This is one of several invitations I will be making this month, so I had to limit the number of openings I can offer today. Remember, there are 50 available sessions for those that qualify from this group. “I like to make sure I have time to focus on each individual, so I have openings for 50 qualified people!

PPS. If you are listening to the recordings, don’t worry about if all sessions are taken, apply anyway, because some people don’t follow through and you’ll be the next one we contact…”

PPPS. I know this may not be a concern for you, but sometimes people worry that I’m going to try to sell them something.” That’s not my style. Of course, if you want to learn what it would look like to work with me, we can certainly discuss that on the call. However, my main objective is to have you walk away with knowing how to attract customers like magnets using social media.