Budgeting Made Simple

Budgeting Made Simple Series was created out of the need of many of my clients, family and friends who have problems creating, and maintaining a budget.
These series of books provide advice and practical, doable steps that range in topics from teenagers budgeting to get a car, college or to just saving money for a special occasion to small business owners budgeting budgeting to stay in business.

(I call this budgeting my “voodoo” economics because they work, when all else says they shouldn’t work.)
Budgeting Made Simple









                     PRE – SALE ORDERS (Release date 4/1/15)

Books  ($24.95 each Paperback and $14.95 eBook)
Select the book you want.

  • #BMS-T: Budgeting Made Simple for teenagers
    (help to buy that car, pay for college or that special thing you really want)
  • #BMS-M: Budgeting Made Simple for Single Mothers
    (practical steps to get your finances under control)
  • #BMS-F: Budgeting Made Simple for Family
    (for families living paycheck-to-paycheck)
  • #BMS-B: Budgeting Made Simple for Small Business
    (practical steps to make a profit and pay yourself)
  • #BMS-H: Budgeting Made Simple for Home Based Business
    (practical steps for the budget to start a business)
  • #BMS-S: Budgeting Made Simple for Singles
    (practical steps to create a budget to allow you to travel, buy more things, have a savings, pay for college, buy a new car,  and more.)

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