Hello  Iris speaking,

Thanks for calling me back. Let me tell you quickly why I called and what I am looking for. I’m looking for an
(escrow officer  or  realtor)
I can work with and refer to my clients.
I’m a notary signing agent and  I have a signing company, with over 25 preferred notaries that don’t miss  signatures, dates, initials and close successfully.

After our closings, we follow up with our realtors and escrow officers about the success of the closing, which results in getting reviews and referrals from the signers.
The biggest concern our signers have  is doc preparation issues and time,  correctness in spelling of names and some cases, dates on the right to cancel. We check all of that before the closing so we can assure a smooth close.

I am looking for (escrow officers or realtors) who need detailed oriented notaries to perform closings and who we can refer to our clients.
I understand …
ESCROW:(“you already have a list of notaries”). I’m only looking to be added as a backup notary when your notary is booked on on vacation. I’d like to  get your email so I can send you information and access to post your closings 24/7 on my signing portal. Would that be okay?
AGENT: “you allow your title company to choose your notary, but wouldn’t it be great to know you can pick your own notary that knows how to close successfully”). I’d like to have my information sent to your escrow company as a backup notary.
We have found, Every time we have been referred, the escrow officer is thankful because they now have a list of experienced local notaries who know what they are doing and they have a larger list of available notaries.
What is your email so I can send you my contact information to forward?
Thanks and have a great day!

Questions for Notaries
Thank you for calling. My name is ICC and I’m the owner of
PreferredNSA. I’m calling because I have not worked w/you before.
1. How long have you been a NSA?
2. Have you ever worked with Elaine Wright Harris? Yes go no further.
3. Are you licensed MD, DC and VA?
4. How many full package refi’s have you done in last 30 days?
5. Have you every done any Seller packages only?
(if less than 50 signings then they cannot be sent but can be trained
to become a preferred notary if interested, you must follow vetting instructions per email I will send you.)

I pay every other Saturday via Bank of America check. You must make sure all your credentials and W9
are in the portal. If you are selected for this closing, you must log in to update your acceptance, update when you contacted
the signer and close the order when you have dropped the package.
If you have any questions, you may call the listing agent or you can text or call me with questions.
Do you have any questions? Great, thanks for accepting this order. Or thanks for reaching out to me and I will mark you as
preferred and a favorite in my portal.
When there are future request from Preferrednsa, you will know that it is from me.
Thanks and have a great day.

Hello Name,

 This is really a quick 30 second call.
 Would you like to hang up or let me have 30 seconds? Ok. so, after the 30 seconds if you don’t want to talk to me at the end, we can end it there, sound fair?

Are you the business owner or the decision maker? If no, are they available? When would be a good time to call back? Great thanks!

Alright. I typically get invited with escrow, title and real estate company s owners who are successful and ambitious, that have the honesty to recognize that perhaps there’s a bottleneck to growth that’s caused by

  • Inexperienced notaries who forget signatures, dates and initials
  • Not using your own preferred notaries who take special care with your clients
  • Lacking reviews and referrals from notaries and lastly
  • Doing what’s necessary to make the closing happen

and so they’re frustrated that their methods to have successful closings and get more customer may not be bringing in their desired business results. 

When it comes to notary signing services, it’s hard to know which notary will be the one who’s going to cause you a close and or customers.

A as a result you’re placing our hard work into the hands of inexperienced notaries. I get the feeling you’re probably going to tell me that none of those applies to your world.

I just have a quick question, of those four things: 

  • Inexperienced notaries who forgot signatures, initials and dates
  • Inability to pick your preferred notary to cover all your closings
  • No positive reviews or referrals who have confidence to use you in the future
  • Not doing what is necessary to make the closing happen

If I could wave a wand and fix one of those problems, which would it be… (listen then repeat them)
Okay, I’ve had 30 seconds of your time, do you mind if we talk for maybe one more minute.
So, when you say the (BLANK), what do you mean exactly? Can you give me an example?

Well if I told you I helped fix these problems and I’ve helped companies in your (INDUSTRY NAME) eliminate some of this forever. Would you say this is something you’d like to explore further. Okay

 So, let me ask you a question. Let’s pretend I could help you get experience, preferred notaries who get great reviews and referrals for you and … you believed I could do that,  is there any reason you wouldn’t write me in your Rolodex as a backup notary service?

Great, I’d like to give you access to my 24/7 portal to post your closings whenever you like. You’ll have a preferred, professional notary assigned and ready for your closing. What is the best email to send access to? What’s the best phone number? That’s it.
 Just look for your access email within 24 hours

Do you have any questions for me? Do you have any closings you’d like me to post right now for you?
This is my cell number, 301-943-9095, you can call me at any time with any questions you may have.

One other thing, if at any time you feel we I am not someone you want to move forward with, feel free to tell me and   I’ll be honest as well if I can’t help you. Look for the email with access and I’ll follow up over the next few days to make sure everything is ok with the portal access.

Have a great day!